what is a doula?

A doula is a person who is on your side, to witness you, to see you, to support you and to hold space for you. You can have support from a doula through the full journey of pregnancy and birth and also through the journeys of abortion, miscarriage and child loss. Different doulas have different offerings and areas of specialty.

why are we a food doula?

We are combining our doula training with our cheffing experience to bring an offering of personalised support that focuses on food, nutrition and access to healthy food. 

We have 15 years of experience as a vegan chef, including running Yemoja Foods since 2016.

Eshe is trained with Abuela Doulas as a postnatal doula since 2020 and is a training facilitator for Sheffield Maternity Cooperative.

Eshe has been running UK Mutual Aid since 2018 and specialises in complex and emergency support and signposting for multiply marginalised people.

what will you get if you book us as your food doula?

This is just our outline, in practice we will build a plan that is custom to your exact needs during the first call.

First stage:

  • An initial consultation via zoom, WhatsApp or Signal call
  • No judgement signposting to other doulas if we are not the right fit
  • If we want to continue, then you will receive form to fill out with personal details, allergens and guided questions to help us move to the next stage

Second stage:

  • A series of weekly video calls to create a custom nutrition plan for the journey you are on
  • Personalised shopping lists and weekly meal plans
  • A number of recipes created to fit your needs
  • Limited herb recommendations
  • Selected favourite vegetable or fruit profiles
  • A final video call to end our services and a feedback form

If requested:

  • Ready made meals sent in the post or delivered within Nottingham City
  • Culturally appropriate food parcels sent in the post or delivered within Nottingham City
  • Video call cooking sessions
  • Access to a limited hardship fund for food and nutrition access
  • Signposting to charities, food banks and services that focus on food poverty
  • Budgeting and shopping advice
  • Additional signposting and (non-legal) advice and support through UK Mutual Aid
  • Additional non-medical advice
  • Signposting to herbalists

Or go for food doula AND classic doula support.

classic doula support

To find out more about classic doula support, please go across to Eshe Kiama Zuri's website for the full information and plans. 

Or get in contact with us via email or our contact us page.