"My business uses Yemoja foods for functions and the food is excellent: tasty, healthy and great value. Highly recommend the service - Paul C"


Any allergens will be clearly labelled but ALL food is gluten, soya and nut free and vegan!

If you have any custom requests or want anything from a past menu, just let us know via email and we will try to accommodate your request


  • Tomato and Chickpea Channa

Most popular!

Tomatoes and chickpeas cooked down into a silky sweet and spicy sauce, this is a Yemoja Foods staple!

  • Mango Chickpea Channa

It's not as scary as it sounds! A delicious sweet mango and coconut sauce with plenty of curry leaves and mustard seeds.

  • Curry Chickpea Channa

Whether on doubles, rice, roti or quinoa, this classic Trini style gently spicy potato and chickpea dish is always a winner.

  • Red Pea Stew

Kidney beans, potato and and coconut milk with plenty of thyme makes the most fragrant and flavourful stew.

  • Daal

Our special blend of lentils create a perfect rich smooth daal, with a tadka adding full flavour.

  • Jackfruit Curry

From our much missed delivery menu, meaty jackfruit with plenty of veggies in a coconut spiced sauce.

  • Run Down

Our personal favourite, slow cooked peppers, aubergine, seaweed and coconut create our take on a 'fish' stew.

  • Red Red

A stew that'll leave you wanting more with black eyed peas and our special fresh tomato sauce. 

  • Mushroom and Brown Lentil Stew

You'll have to guess how we make our mushrooms and lentils so meaty and flavourful because it's our secret recipe! A stew that isn't too heavy but you'll know you've eaten well.

  • Sorrel Black Beans

Stewed flavour filled black beans with sorrel bringing an amazing depth of flavour and gentle herbs running through.


All rice dishes can be made with quinoa or brown rice at request.

  • Yellow Rice

Fragrant rice with turmeric, black pepper and green peas.

  • Spinach/ Callaloo Rice

Depending on what's in season between callaloo or spinach, this rice dish always is a winner.

  • Mint Rice

Fresh and full of flavourful mint and coriander and packed with spices.

  • Pumpkin Rice

A Caribbean classic, pumpkin, butternut squash or sweet potato depending on what's available and plenty of flavour.

  • Rice N Peas

Most popular!

A classic Caribbean dish of coconutty rice and kidney beans.

  • Rasta Pasta

You wouldn't believe this is gluten free! Spicy and sweet pasta with jerk seasoning, coconut milk, peppers and plantain.

  • Cou Cou 

For orders of up to 10 people only.

A traditional dish from our home country Barbados! Cornmeal and okra make this Caribbean version of a swallow.


May change based on seasonal availability of salad ingredients.

  • Coleslaw

Most popular!

Cabbage, carrots and our own special mayonnaise that you all love so much!

  • Pickled Cucumber Salad

Pickled cucumbers, dill and fresh salad leaves.

  • Spring Onion Salad

Spring onions, rocket, fresh salad leaves and a sweet and tart dressing.

  • Beet Salad

Grated raw beets and carrots with lemon and herbs.

  • Herby Kale Salad

Raw massaged kale, plenty of herbs and a lemony dressing.

  • Lime Slaw (No Mayo)

Think coleslaw but instead of mayonnaise you have a lime and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Sides/ Small Bites

  • Bajan Accras

Most popular!

Our secret ingredient take on a traditional dish, fried fish fritters, from our home country Barbados! 

  • Corn on the Cob

Coated with our special seasoning.

  • Plantain

Cut diagonally of course! And served with paprika, salt and chillis.

  • Flatbreads

For orders of up to 50 people only.

A firm favourite! Soft, delicious flatbreads that soak up any sauce.

  • Cassava Roti

For orders of up to 10 people only.

You wouldn't believe these are gluten free! Soft, flaky roti skins. Dhalpuri and buss up can be done on request (+£1 per person).

  • Sweet Potato Bhajis

Most popular!

Onions, sweet potato and spices make up these delicious fried bhajis.

  • Jerk Roast Vegetables

Sometimes only veggies will hit the spot! Roasted to perfection, a selection of veg with a spicy fragrant jerk seasoning.

  • Cabbage and Peppers

We love our veggies and our buttery herby cabbage and peppers is the perfect side to any dish.

  • Hummus

Our flavours change depending on what you order. Some of our choices include, paprika, tamarind, green seasoning, beet and more.

  • Polenta Chips

Also available as sweet potato or Irish potato chips at request.

Chips baked and seasoned depending on what you order. But best believe they will be well seasoned.

  • Mashed Sweet Potato

Buttery, soft and full of flavour.


  •  Mango Pepper Sauce

Most popular!

Our secret recipe mango and chilli sauce has had customers bringing jars with them to take some home!

We also offer cake at an additional +£1 per person per day. 


  • Lemon
  • Chocolate
  • Ginger Spiced
  • Orange & Turmeric

Our favourite meal combinations?

Eshe's favourite is:

  • Mushroom and Brown Lentil Stew
  • Rasta Pasta
  • Coleslaw
  • Spring Onion Salad
  • Mashed Sweet Potato

This gives very much comfort food but it's not too heavy! And gives people plenty of choice.

Yemoja Foods Dad's favourite is:

  • Daal
  • Mint Rice
  • Herby Kale Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Sweet Potato Bhajis

Loads of flavour and a nice light lunch, unless you want seconds (or thirds?!)

Yemoja Foods classic combination/ fan favourite:

  • Tomato Chickpea Channa
  • Spinach Rice
  • Bajan Accras
  • Coleslaw
  • Pickled Cucumber Salad

You can't go wrong with this combination! It's been with us since the start of Yemoja Foods and it's much loved!

Or put your trust in us and let us choose!

We also love when our customers, especially our regulars of many years, let us decide the menu! It gives you the fun of the surprise and gives us the ability to maybe even add in something that isn't on our usual menu, which we do if theres something seasonal or new we want to try out! If you'd like though we can message you our menu idea in advance for you to confirm or change, or you can find out on the day! It's completely up to you.

Yemoja Foods takeaway boxes
Yemoja Foods catering with large chaffing dishes