Yemoja Foods has been running since January 2016, as Nottingham's first vegan/ ital British-Caribbean caterer. With a wide variety of delicious, healthy and allergen-friendly foods, Yemoja Foods aims to cater for everyone. All our food is animal, gluten, soya and nut free.

Yemoja Foods is run by Eshe Kiama Zuri and came about as the natural progression of a lifetime within the vegan catering world. Eshe grew up in a vegan catering van travelling and catering events across the country from a very young age and has always had a passion for cooking! With 15 years of cheffing experience in food that doesn't use animal products, we bring together cultural African and Caribbean flavours with our own Yemoja Foods twist!

Yemoja is the Yoruba Orisha (godx) and Mother of all the waters and giver of life. Yemoja is seen as the protector of pregnancy and fertility. Yemoja travelled with captured African people across the Atlantic and held our traditions, faith and strength through enslavement and freedom through death as Mama Wata, Mami Wata, La Sirene, Mere de L'Eau, Madre del Agua, Yemanja and Yemaya. We honour Yemoja through sharing their name.

the yemoja foods journey

We started with a series of pop ups in 2016 and 2017 at local restaurants, social centres and street food markets, alongside event catering with bookings with 80 people at our largest.

In 2018 we catered more events including gigs and parties, and started catering for a wonderful university department who we have been working with ever since! We had some stalls at cultural food events and sold our food and pickles alongside cushions, scarves and jewellery from our family business Duukuu.

From August 2018 through to early 2019 we launched an innovative meal delivery service with a local independent Black owned bike delivery company. This was a once a week delivery with a menu that changed weekly and you could order anything from two meals or your full weeks meals! We also had occasional weekend specials and Christmas and New Years meals.

For holiday season in 2018 and 2019 we made seitan and gluten free roasts, centrepieces and cakes, which sold ridiculously well! 

In 2019 we expanded our catering services and booked many more events, workshops, parties and talks. With events as large at 150 people and as small as 10 people!

We had 6 months worth of bookings and were ready to jump into 2020 strong, after we catered our first multiple day event in January 2020, only then to have to start cancelling when news of a global pandemic started coming in. 

As a business run by a multiply marginalised disabled person, we had to close for two years for our own safety. This gave us a lot of time to think about what Yemoja Foods looks like going forward and we hope you come with us on that journey.

In 2022 we started catering a few events again, after making some big changes to the way we work. No in person catering anymore! No getting to stand and serve food and chat to our customers! But we found a way to deliver prepackaged food that is safer for both us and our customers and we are happy to keep working this way going forward.

Now you can see that we are also bringing together Eshe's doula training and catering experience to provide a new project, as well as our new pandemic-friendly catering offerings!

You can find out more by checking out the other pages on our website.

Big love, Eshe at Yemoja Foods x

Eshe holding patties